Hey, I’m Jordy – thanks for stopping by! 

 I dipped my toes in the Photography pool early on in life. I grew up living in different parts of the world, picturing people in their element and capturing adventures mid movement. The honesty and integrity in Candid Photography allowed me to convey emotion in a raw and real way. That was my vibe. 

It’s no surprise that my approach to Wedding Photography is much the same! My main priority is capturing personalities and the unique ways people connect. Whether it’s two partners in their element, intimate moments with their nearest and dearest or kids causing a ruckus in the background. I’m known for interacting with my couples and their guests to provoke emotional responses, but I would never dream of interrupting their moment and posing them or perfecting their stance. Make no mistake, I’m there to encourage you, not to change you! 

 An experience with J Pannowitz Photography is personal, absolutely… relaxed, completely. And most importantly, focused on you. This is why I build a friendship with each of my couple’s pre-wedding, so that I can understand what’s most important to them on the day. With this knowledge, I take a hands-on role in co-ordination of the event. Sometimes it’s as simple as mingling with your vendor team to ensure timing is on track. Occasionally, I’ll be seen leaping between partners to communicate pre-ceremony! Either way, I strive to stay adaptable, flexible and creative when problem solving on your behalf. Essentially, I’m the eyes and ears of Your Wedding - I manage things so that you don’t have to worry about them! 

If an element of your wedding was set on fire, I would water it down and you would be none the wiser!

I’ve searched long and hard to find an Assistant Photographer who has exceptional talent, oozes fun and has suspected ninja skills. But I found her! Bec is my second shooter and is available to attend weddings to capture extra content, on request, at an extra cost. On occasion, she also shoots weddings solo, when I’m already booked. Rest assured creative editing is completed in house, by yours truly. 

I’m lucky enough to have snapped the stories of over 150 legendary couples, but I also do some other cool stuff in my free time. Like traveling Australia, documenting big names and big shows in the entertainment industry via my second business, Girl in the Bandana.

Aside from being a Practicing Radiation Therapist, I’m also loosely addicted to the gym and consistently volunteering with Camp Quality, Sony Foundation and other awesome charities.

All in all, I’m a romantic and I thrive on the opportunity to portray my clients’ vision, showing the way their dreams sparked into life.

If that sounds like something you would like to be a part of, get in touch. I would love to chat!